Why wheel adapters: They allow wheels that do not have the same bolt pattern as per your existing hub to used on the vehicle.

We custom make each set of adapters or spacers to fit your vehicle and wheels.

All our steel adapters are electroplated to prevent rust, which gives them a gold colour finish.

Beetle wheel adapters are machined and not pressed to ensure accuracy.

Depending on the make, model of the vehicle, and your requirements the adapters can either be tapped or press studs used to secure the wheel.

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Our wheel adapters are made from 6082 aircraft aluminum. If it is strong enough for airplane components it will be strong enough for your wheels. Each adapter comes with standard M12 x 1.5mm pitch heat treated studs which are pressed into the back of the aluminum.

Ensure that when installing the wheel adapters that they fit snug against the wheel hub spigot as well as onto the mag.

A courier service is available, if required, and the delivery cost will be added in the quotation anywhere in South Africa.